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Space Warfighting Readiness: Policies, Authorities, and Capabilities is a March 14 hearing held by the House Armed Services Committee.

In opening remarks, Rep. Mac Thornberry (R-TX), Chairman of the House Armed Services Committee noted: “First, space is a domain of warfare, not just an enabler.  Second, we are falling behind where we should be when it comes to space.  Today’s hearing will discuss how we can catch up.”

Thornberry added that “as we refocus our defense efforts on strategic rivals, it is clear that they are putting significant effort into space.  I believe that the American people still do not fully realize how dependent our country is on space, not just for military and intelligence purposes, but in our every day lives as well.  That dependence creates a vulnerability, which, like in the other domains, we must count on the American military to protect.”

Video of hearing:

Credit: House Armed Services Committee/Screengrab






The witnesses and their written testimony:

  • General Robert Kehler

Former Commander, U.S. Strategic Command

  • Doug Loverro

Former Deputy Assistant Secretary of Defense for Space Policy, Department of Defense

Credit: House Armed Services Committee/Screengrab

  • Todd Harrison

Director of Aerospace Security Project, Center for Strategic and International Studies

Credit: House Armed Services Committee/Screengrab

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